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2008 Hopefuls
State Elections
Anti Bush Admin
Anti-War and Pro-Peace
Current Events
Freedom and Liberty
Liberal Gear
Women's Rights
1940's Propaganda Political Posters Remixed

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For our returning customers, you'll notice we've done a complete makeover on The Liberated, but it is still the same shop!  Please email us with any comments, questions, or suggestions.

The Liberated sells original political merchandise designed by a number of talented and liberal individuals. We offer political t-shirts addressing anti-war, election, environmental, freedom, sexuality, and women's rights issues, as well as other political merchandise and gifts.

The Liberated has a selection of shirts which are anti-Bush, anti-conservative, and anti-GOP, so take a good look at our pro-democracy, pro-democratic t shirts, political mugs, bumper stickers, gifts, and more! We're all about liberal political tees at The Liberated and have plenty of funny political t shirts, offensive political t shirts, and loads more.  Check out the menu on the left to see the dozens of different political products we offer (the political posters are a great dorm decoration!)

2008 Hopeful Candidates: Hillary Clinton, Wes Clark, Biden, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, & More
2008 Hopeful Presidential Candidates T Shirts and Gear
Anti-Bush, Anti-GOP, Anti-Republican, Anti-Administration
Anti Bush and Anti Republican T Shirts and Gear
Tired of forced democracy, the oil war in Iraq, and tensions in the Middle East?  Wishing there was no more war...?
Anti War, Pro Peace T Shirts and Merchandise
What's in the media spotlight?  Check here for products featuring current events, hot issues, and heated topics in the news.
Current Events and Hot Topic Gear
Environmental activist?  If you want to save the planet, respect mother earth, and believe in recycling, check out this great environmental merchandise!
Environmental and Planet Earth T Shirts and Gear
Who wants freedom and liberty!  Miss those civil liberties?  Tired of the Patriot Act?  Homeland Security got you down?
Freedom and Liberty T Shirts and Merchandise
Rainbows, tolerance, and equality on t shirts and more.  Tired of being oppressed?  Want to see everyone have the same marriage rights?  End discrimination!  Check out these LGBT designs.
Lesbian and Gay Rights Support T Shirts and Gear
Declare your liberal stance.  Liberal values equal patriotic values.
Liberal Merchandise with Liberal Values
Merchandise features issues surrounding women's rights, pro-choice, and equality
Women's Rights and Issues T Shirts and Gear
The importance of voting, the dangers of apathy, and exercising your right to vote!
Voting T Shirts and Merchandise
Senate and House of Representatives State Elections Gear
State Elections &  Issues Bumper Stickers and More
1940's Propaganda Remixed Poster Collection
A Special Favorite: 1940's Propaganda Remixed Poster Art Collection

The following designs are courtesy of The Darfur Crisis Store, and all proceeds this store makes benefit efforts to end the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.  So support a good cause and purchase some protect and save Darfur products today.  If you would like to see more items regarding Darfur, The Darfur Crisis Store has a wide selection of Darfur t-shirts, stickers, and more.

Protect Darfur Apparel, Stickers, and More Out To Lunch.  Save Darfur Apparel and Gifts. CARE. It's Patriotic.  Darfur Apparel and Gifts.
Protect Darfur Out to Lunch. Save Darfur CARE. It's Patriotic

Immigration and the hr4437 immigration reform bill/law is a hot topic in the United States of America right now, and immigration protests are widespread.  Jump in on the immigration debate and show your support for immigrant rights with these political immigration t shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, and more.  Wherever you're from, be it Mexico or England, immigrants, even undocumented immigrants, should be treated as people.  Wear one of these immigrant tees to the next immigrant rally!  All of the t shirt and gift designs listed below are also available in the current events section of The Liberated.

Immigrant Nation T Shirts and Gifts

Immigrants Marching for Rights We're All Immigrants T Shirts and Gear The First Illegal Immigrants Arrived in 1492 T Shirts and Gear
US=Immigrant Nation.
Apparel and more for both kids and adults.
Immigrant Rights.
A trendy immigration design available on t shirts and more.
We're All Immigrants.
Immigration T-Shirts, stickers, and gear.
The First Illegal Immigrants Arrived in 1492. Available on posters, stickers, t shirts, and more.

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